is an independent communications agency specialising in graphic design and web design for small and medium-sized companies.

Driven by its international network of staff and constantly tuned into global trends and the specialist requirements of local markets,
ULTRA(NET)WORK can join you in analysing your brand's unique selling points, determining your needs and goals, and developing an optimum graphic design strategy which enables you to position yourself effectively and to stand out in your sector.


ULTRA(NET)WORK will accompany you in defining your digital identity.

In the globalised business environment, a company's importance can be measured by its website. Your presence on the internet reflects the visions, values and strategy of your company. ULTRA(NET)WORK can offer you solutions which are personalised and evolutionary, and which include the latest technological innovations.

  1. The design of your website is completed over six separate phases: Initial discussion: identifying your wants and needs
  2. Budget: the detailed charges, terms and conditions
  3. Design: developing a web marketing strategy
  4. Creation: designing the graphics models and web applications
  5. Content: editing the content so it is optimised for search engine reference
  6. Customised development, test, online launch
Design and ease of use are the key factors for an effective website.


Our goal is to project the message and values of your company in a visible and striking way.

ULTRA(NET)WORK will define your needs and ensure the development and creation of a visual identity which effectively corresponds to your brand's global strategy.